Background Information

The UW System has a license agreement for faculty, staff, and students to use Adobe software.

Historically, Adobe products have been licensed by serial numbers, which licensed the product for whatever computer it was installed on. This meant that any user who sat down at the machine could use the software.

The serial number method is now being phased out by Adobe. It is being replaced by a named licensing system, whereby a license is granted to end users rather than to machines. This means that users who wish to use Adobe products on personal or UW-owned computers will need to sign in with an Adobe ID to use Adobe products. For more details on this change, see the knowledge base article below.

Changes to Adobe Creative Cloud Software Licensed under UW System’s ETLA:

A key takeaway here is that all serialized installations of Adobe ETLA software will stop working in November, 2019. As a result, we are forced to move to the new named licensing system.

General Information About Named Licenses

The UW Adobe license allows eligible faculty and staff to sign in to Adobe products with their UW NetID’s. The general workflow is described here (note, you might have to sign in with your NetID to view this page):

Some general info about NetID logins

  • Only two simultaneous logins are allowed. If a user attempts to sign into a third device, the user will be prompted to choose an existing device to log out of.
  • Computer must access the Internet at least once every 99 days to keep the license activated.

Psychiatry Department Information

Our IT department has the capacity to install Adobe products on UW-owned computers; however, these installations will still require end users to sign in with an Adobe ID in order to use the software. For users who are eligible for the Adobe license, they can simply sign in to Adobe products with their NetIDs on Psychiatry computers.

Here are some instructions for sign-in options:

Personal Computer Information

Eligible UW faculty and staff can download the Creative Cloud Desktop application from Adobe and use their UW NetIDs to log into the software on a personal computer. (Note, students, interns, and various research appointments are not eligible for this license; please contact the Psychiatry Heldesk if you need help identifying your eligibility.)

Users can download the Creative Cloud application from the following link:

Instructions for signing in are available here (note, you might have to sign in with your NetID to view this page):