UW has moved faxing services away from traditional fax machines and onto email (or “cloud”) faxing.

Getting Started


Enable your NetID for sending faxes by email


Wispic Fax Numbers

The following numbers can be used for receiving faxes.  The key users are able to monitor the inboxes.

Fax# Service Account Key User
608-261-1103 fax_6082611103@psychiatry.wisc.edu Danah Enright
608-263-0265 fax_6082630265@psychiatry.wisc.edu Jennifer Noll
608-263-7263 fax_6082637263@psychiatry.wisc.edu Samm Moran
608-263-0961 fax_6082630961@mailplus.wisc.edu KaBao Chang
608-261-5653 fax_6082615653@mailplus.wisc.edu GME Administration Team