Printer Information

Printer Map

Important Note: WiFi users must be connected to our departmental VPN in order to print to the printers below.

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List of Common Printers

wdt_ID Name Location Make Model Media
1 PSY-PR-110MFP Room 110 (HERI) Canon C5535 Color
2 PSY-PR-1000CMFP Hallway 1000C (HERI) Canon iR-ADV C3935 Color
3 PSY-PR-1202MFP Room 1202 (Admin Area) Canon iR-ADV C3835 Color
4 PSY-PR-1320MFP Room 1320 (Area A ) Canon iR-ADV C3935 Color
5 PSY-PR-1400EMFP Hallway 1400E Canon iR-ADV C3935 Color
7 PSY-PR-1526PRT Room 1526 (Chart Room) HP 2055dn Black and White
8 PSY-PR-1720MFP Room 1720 (Area C) Canon iR-ADV C3935 Color
9 PSY-PR-1720PRT Room 1720 (Area C) Kyocera FS-C5150DN Color
10 PSY-PR-1726PRT Room 1726 (Chart Room) HP 2055dn Black and White
11 PSY-PR-170PRT Room 170 (HERI) Dell C3760DN Color
13 PSY-PR-1000CPRT Hallway 1000C (HERI) Dell S3840CDN Color
Name Location Make Model Media

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Adding Printer on Windows

  1. Click on the Start button in the bottom left corner of the screen (the windows icon for Windows 10).
  2. Open the Printers and Scanners by typing it in at the bottom.
  3. Click on Add a Printer or Scanner                               
  4. After a little loading, you should be able to click on The Printer I want isn’t listed.
  5. Doing that should give you this screen, where you will select Find a printer in the directory, based on location or feature Select that, and than Next   
  6. A list of available printers will begin to populate. Find the name of the printer you wish to install from the list, and just double-click it to install it.

Adding Printer on Mac

Copy & Email Print

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How to Add Email to Address Book

  1. Tap Scan and Send

2. Tap Address Book

3. Click on Register New Destination

4. Type in email and press OK

5. Select your email from Address Book and press OK

6. Choose what format to send your scan

7. Choose how you’d like it to scan and press START

8. Once all pages have scanned press START SENDING 


How to Make a Copy

  1. Press Copy

2. Press Start


How to Scan and Send to Email

  1. Press Scan and Send

2. Press New Destination

3. Select Email and type it in

4. Press Start

5. Select Start Sending

Release Print Job


  1. Tap Print
  2. Select your print job
  3. Tap Start Printing

Scanning to USB

Before You Start Scanning

Note: If you feel more comfortable using a personal drive you’ll need to follow the formatting instructions. But if your ok with using a shared USB flash drive already set up for scanning we have one available at our IT Helpdesk.

WARNING: Formatting a flash drive or external USB hard drive will erase all information currently being stored.

  • Verify that your USB flash drive is formatted with exFAT (FAT32 will also work but is not recommended due to the maximum file-size limitation of 4 GB).
    • Windows:
      On Windows you will need to right click the drive you want to format from within File Explorer and click format. Then select the File System dropdown box and click on exFAT. You can leave all the other settings as is and click start to begin the formatting process.
    • MacOS:
      On MacOS you will need to open disk utility, select the drive, and click the erase button. Make sure to select either exFAT (or FAT32 if necessary) in the dropdown before clicking the format button.
  • Make sure that the multifunction printer you’re scanning from has a USB port on it. The USB port is usually located on the side or front of the printer.


Note: You can print files from a flash drive by selecting the print option and the PDF file you want to print.

    • When you plug in a flash drive with a compatible filesystem you’ll see a popup message asking if you want to scan or print:
    • When you tap the scan button a screen asking for a location to store scanned data will appear:
    • Tap on the flash drive icon to set the storage location and when the new window appears showing the contents of the flash drive tap the scan button to open the scanning window:
    • You’ll be greeted with a similar screen to the copy screen, except this screen is for saving PDF files. The name of the file you want to create will need to be entered in before you tap the start button (the text box to do so is at the bottom of the window). There are also some other options you can set that apply to the PDF file (the default options will work just fine for general use):
    • After the printer has finished scanning files you’ll need to tap the “start storing” button to store the PDF on the USB flashdrive:
    • You should now see the PDF you just scanned in the list of files on the drive:
    • It is highly recommended that you eject the drive from the printer before disconnecting it. To eject the drive you will need to tap the eject button (the arrow below the scan button). In the “select memory media to remove” menu select the USB device from the list and tap the remove button to fully eject it. After the drive has been fully ejected it should return to the home screen and you can safely remove that USB device from the printer.