Epic MyChart Video

Background Information

Epic MyChart Video is the telehealth platform UWHealth adopted in April 2022.  This platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with MyChart for easy telehealth patient care.

Default Browser

IMPORTANT: Epic MyChart Video will not work when Fluency Direct is open on an SMPH Windows computer. It will attempt to launch the telehealth session in Internet Explorer instead of Chrome even when Chrome is the default browser for the system. If you find MyChart Video opening in Internet Explorer, you will need to open Healthlink without Fluency Direct.

Device Type Required Default Browser
Windows Desktop/Laptop Google Chrome
macOS Desktop/Laptop Google Chrome or Safari
iPhone/iPad Safari
Other mobile device Google Chrome

How to change default browser

Please see UWHealth’s Technical Startup Guide for more technical details.

Technical Help

If a patient is having technical difficulties with his or her personal device, patients can call 1 (833) 692-0532, option 2 for help.

If you are using a device issued by SMPH Psychiatry IT, please contact our Psychiatry helpesk for help with your device.

If you are using a device issued by UWHealth or UW Medical Foundation, please contact UWHealth IS for help with your device.