Employee-Owned Devices


Employee-Owned devices can be used for some business-related purposes, such as email, video conferencing, and telecommunications.  However, some business applications that deal with protected health information and other restricted data are subject to Mobile Device Management protocols.

Please reference UW Health’s webpage for details on how UW Health handles personal devices for business use.

UWHealth Presonal Device Information

SMPH requires Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub MDM for the following applications:

  • Epic Haiku/Canto
  • Spok Mobile



An employee-owned device must meet the following criteria to be eligible for MDM enrollment.

  • Your device must run the latest supported OS
  • Your device must require a passcode or biometric ID to unlock


Follow these steps to enroll your Apple device in SMPH’s Workspace ONE MDM for Psychiatry.

  1. Install the Intelligent Hub app either manually or with the QR code below
    1. Manual install: Search the Apple App Store for Intelligent HubOR
    2. QR Code: Scan the QR code below with your device’s camera to open the App Store to the Intelligent Hub app
  2. Tap GET to install the app and enter your Apple ID credentials if prompted
  3. Open Intelligent Hub once it is installed
  4. Enroll using one of the two methods below
    1. Select the QR Code option to fill in the enrollment details automatically and allow the app to use your camera if prompted
      1. Scan the QR Code above
    2. Enter the following manually:
      1. Server: mdm.wisc.edu
      2. Group ID: wispic-byod
  5. Enter your UW NetID credentials when prompted and accept the Duo MFA prompt to complete the enrollment
  6. Select Yes when asked if this is your personal device (only personal devices should enroll this way)
  7. Read and accept the terms and conditions and review the privacy notice (see below on this page for more details)
  8. Select Download profile when prompted
  9. Select Allow or Don’t Allow Hub to send you notifications (user preference, but we recommend Allow)
  10. Select Allow to download the configuration profile
  11. Select Close when notified that the Profile Downloaded
  12. Select Tap here when download finishes
  13. Select Install profile
  14. Select Open the Settings app to review the profile in device settings
  15. Select Profile Downloaded under your Apple ID in the main page of the Settings app
  16. Select Install and enter your passcode when prompted
  17. Select Install to install the MDM profile
  18. Select Install when presented with a Warning about MDM profiles
  19. Select Trust when prompted
  20. Select Done when notified the Profile Installed
  21. Close Settings and open the Hub app
  22. Select Take me to Hub
  23. Read the Privacy page and select I Understand
  24. Read the Data Sharing page and either agree or disagree to allow anonymous data collection (disagree is okay)
  25. Enrollment is now complete

Under construction, but the enrollment process should be very similar to the Apple process.


Once enrolled in SMPH’s MDM, select business apps become available to install through the Intelligent Hub app.

Open Intelligent Hub, then open Add AppsThen, browse for an app and tap Install


Here is a page that explains what the Intelligent Hub app collects and doesn’t collect:

Hub Privacy Notice