Helpdesk Services During Admin Area Remodel

Hi All,

The administration area is now in the process of a remodel, which means our normal helpdesk offices had to relocate. Our team has been somewhat scattered around the building, since there’s no one vacant location large enough to accommodate all of us.

As a result, the very best way to get IT help is to send an email to

You can also call our helpdesk number at 608-262-7622 and leave a voice message. We will receive the voicemail by email immediately and will respond to you as soon as possible.

Ryan will be located at the Waiting Area A reception desk (room 1420).
Vince will be located in the staff break room (room 1527).
The helpdesk students, Connor, Nimil, and Piotr will be located in the HERI wing of the building in room 110 (note that they are in school so their hours here are limited during the school year).

The administration area color copier is also now located in room 1320. Faxes sent to the machine formerly in the admin area (608-261-1103) are being forwarded to the fax machine in room 1520 (608-263-0265).

Please visit for general helpdesk-related information.

Thank you for your patience while we adjust to our temporary locations.

Best regards,

Ryan Ashton
UW-Madison Psychiatry IT
6001 Research Park Blvd
Madison, WI 53719